Sometimes It's Hard... (& Halloween too!)

...to just wear regular clothes when you really want to wear this:
I know.

But I really would wear it.

The Milk Man has commanded me to buy a new computer. I say I wait until Black Friday. This one is 8 years old. I know it's time. But computers are a pain in the butt and I have 2 BILLION pictures that I really have to have on the next one as well. I need them all at all times. Yes, they are all backed up on Carbonite, etc. Still a pain.

Halloween did happen. We were so busy with S's Zombie Dance class and performances that I hardly had time for anything at all.

R was Russell from "Up".
 T was Jessie from Toy Story and the only one who got a "real" photoshoot.
 I sang "When Somebody Loved Me" to her the whole time :)
 B helped me test my flash contraption that I made. It's ghetto, I like.
 Oh yeah, finally photographed the mantle on the last day of the month! It was up for the entire month, actually :)

 I borrowed Syd's potions...
 L was Mr. Fredrickson from Up. I even made him a cane, it was sweet. No, the Milk Man did not take a picture on the night he dressed up and I wasn't there.
 B was a "maybe dead princess".

 I bet you can guess how much I love this Wizard of Oz paper I used to make this bunting!
 S and her bestie were 80s girls. They asked me funny questions about the 80s that day.
I can't believe how late I am posting this!


Jayme said...

cute costumes. Russ is my favorite :)

Mallory Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, Russell is so funny! That kid cracks me up. he always entertains me when I babysit.

Amber Horch said...

I LOVE T's costume! What an adorable Jessie!