I Did It!

I found this idea on pinterest, and I actually did it!

The original idea comes from this post and here is the picture that was pinned with it:

The woman who came up with the idea used it for sight words (for a kindergartner), but I'm using it for letters of the alphabet for my little guys. It's a great idea!

No, I am not expecting my 18 month to "get it" and I am not one to drill my children and get them to memorize random facts at a young age like a trick pony :)

Just the alphabet, for the 4 year old, no bigs!


He likes it.

And it's helping him learn!


I also made this last week:
2 min brownie ice cream 682x1024 Two Minute Mug Brownie 
Which has inspired me to limit it to one day a week only. It is TOO yummy and TOO easy. I might undercook mine a titch, but I LOVE it that way!!!

I'm feeling pretty great about myself right now... shall I keep up the momentum and sew?


Lydia said...

Hooray for doing something you pinned!! :)

April said...

I think you should feel pretty great about yourself...that is very cool! My boys would love that.

Holly said...

Super cute! And yay for R :)